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Quietus of Autumn - CD (signed) + Digital Download

Quietus of Autumn - CD (signed) + Digital Download

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"At the turn of the 20th century, Carl Jung revolutionized the study of psychology forever. He bridged the worlds of clinical and analytical psychology together with the worlds of mysticism and the occult. His archetypes theory proposed that humanity's collective unconscious could be understood through religious, mythical and alchemical symbols. 

Symphonic metal, from its inception, is rooted in the deepest and most ancient recesses of the collective unconscious, in an archetypal symbol known as the Dark Feminine. This universal symbol has had many names - Kali (Hindu), Hecate (Celtic), Hel (Norse), Nephtys (Egyptian), Az (Zoroastrian), and the oldest of all, Lilith of Sumeria. 

The Dark Feminine is the realm of mystery. Darkness covers thickly like a warm embrace, but it also hides the threat of danger. All the things we keep hidden from ourselves reside here. All the serpents and the spiders and the monsters that reside in the deepest ocean depths. It contains both passion and numbness, lust and hate, unrequited love and perfect union.

For someone brave enough to navigate this dangerous realm, the reward is complete mastery of the unconscious mind. All the darkness of the Shadow, the atavistic and chthonic aspects of the personality that we hide from ourselves, will be integrated into the conscious mind. The fully-evolved self, spiritually immortal, perfectly centered and able to change reality itself. One need only bring the proper offerings to Lilith..."

This album must be listened to in full, from beginning to end, in order to have the full experience of this journey.

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